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Harrie Smolders fulfils his intention

"I always have the intention to win at least one class here. I have already succeeded in that, but I hope to do it again tomorrow in the Rolex Grand Prix," Harrie Smolders began with a smile. On the Saturday afternoon of The Dutch Masters, the show jumper won the 1.40m class, the NAB Lightning Protection Prize, with Escape Z (by Emerald). The combination recorded a barracks time of 30.92 seconds.

A total of 13 combinations made it to the jump-off. Eight of them managed to stay clear. Harrie sent his likeable chestnut over the finish line two seconds faster than the number two did. Jérôme Guery and Juristo van het Hagenhof (by Elvis ter Putte) did not come close with their finishing time of 32.68 seconds. Third place was for Eric van der Vleuten with Icarronne-S (by Carrera VDL), they recorded a time of 33.06 seconds. Harrie was obviously satisfied with the so-called practice round with his crowd favourite. Harrie: "Escape is not big, but there is a real personality coming in. You also notice that in the audience, they are all a bit crazy about him and he deserves that."