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Tommy Hilfiger dresses crew The Dutch Masters

The crew of The Dutch Masters is dressed extra nice this year. Tommy Hilfiger(Equestrian) is at least for the next 3 years (2022, 2023, 2024) connected to The Dutch Masters as 'Official Sponsor'.
Tommy Hilfiger went into Equestrian in 2021 to establish the retail network in Europe. Now in this second year they stepped up their game and started as a supplied sponsor at The Dutch Masters in 2022 for the first time. The CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian - B&B Sports, Martin Koller, was present during the first day of The Dutch Masters. “The Netherlands is for us a key market – our headquarters is also in the Netherlands. For us it is important that the event we sponsor is not just the event that is great but also the people around it. We want to show our ambition but also be in the sport and be at the fair. So here we are the supplier of the clothing for crew, have a booth and talk to many people.”

Why the equestrian world? “It’s a cross road of sport & fashion – the equestrian market is a community sport and that’s very important for us. It’s a big engagement. We’re looking forward to a long-term collaboration with the Dutch Masters. Because it is such an amazing event and the atmosphere is great.

Photos: The Dutch Masters/Remco Veurink